So what is the importance of cleaning?

Why should I do cleaning?

I am feeling good, have positive thoughts!!!

Moreover I have not indulged in any such cleaning except taking bath, so what is the need of cleaning in my daily practice?

These questions will arise when we don’t know how the practice of cleaning works with us!!!

Let us see some real time example.

When do you clean your tea-cup after having a tea?

If you wash it immediately after having a tea, only water is required to clean it .

Requires 10-20 seconds of time.

Now have a cup of tea and  leave it without washing for 4-5 hours, what happens?

Can you find a mild layer around the tea-cup?

This demand for a soup oil and scrubber.

Requires about 15-30 seconds of Time and Effort.

Now have a cup of tea and leave it without washing for 1-3 Days, what happens?

Can you find bad smell, dust, black layer in the Tea-cup?

This demands for lemon, salt, vinegar, Baking soda and what not to clean?

Requires about 10-20 Minutes of Time and Effort.

This is what happens if we don’t do our cleaning practice.

Clarifications on Cleaning

New Delhi, Wednesday, January 28, 2009 8:34:11 PM

Dear Brother,
The sentence can be corrected to read as below:
“Meditation helps to focus the mind by regulating it, and thus prevents formation of fresh impressions or samskaras. Cleaning is to remove the effect of past impressions or samskaras. When doing the cleaning, the abhyasi is requested to imagine the grossness going out from the back as smoke, AND to imagine that grace is filling the heart from in front. This makes us evolve.”

With Love and Master’s Blessings

Letter from Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, January 2009

“Think that all the impurities are going out of the back in the form of smoke or vapour and that in its place the sacred current of the Divine is entering into your heart from the Master’s heart.”

Preceptor’s guide Volume No.2 (First Indian edition of 1995) = page no.122

“Sit for half an hour with suggestion to yourself that all complexities and impurities including grossness, darkness, etc. are going out of the whole system through the back in the form of smoke or vapour, and that in their place the sacred current of the Divine is entering your heart from the Master’s heart. Do not meditate on those things which we want to get rid of. Simply brush them of.”

The practice of sahaj marg (Booklet – Rev. Master’s talk) = page no. 8

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